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Coffee & Orange Body Scrub with Shea Butter 100ml
Coffee & Orange Body Scrub with Shea Butter 100ml
Coffee & Orange Body Scrub with Shea Butter 100ml
Coffee & Orange Body Scrub with Shea Butter 100ml

Coffee & Orange Body Scrub with Shea Butter 100ml

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Coffee & Orange Body Scrub

Combat Spider Veins & Cellulite

Smooth, Radiant, Hydrated Skin 

 100ml e. 3.38 fl.oz 

Elevate your skincare routine with this luxurious Coffee and Orange Body Scrub.

With the magnificent power of coffee as our star ingredient, our coffee scrub is designed to target and deplete the appearance of varicose and spider veins while effectively improving cellulite dimples.

Veins can occur for several different reasons. Commonly little pools can become present due to poor blood flow and pressure.

Coffee reboots the blood flow and aids in blood flowing back into the direction of the heart as intended. When this happens the veins fade because blood is on the move again.

The stimulating properties of coffee boost blood circulation, letting its powerful antioxidants fight off damaging free radicals giving your skin a refreshed and invigorated glow.

Your skin will look more youthful, feel luxuriously hydrated and smooth, and exude a goddess-like radiance.

Using only all-natural ingredients makes this scrub suitable for all skin types—oily, dry, combination, troubled and mature.

Infused with quality powerfully active ingredients with vitamins A, E, and F ensures your skin receives intense hydration, leaving it silky, velvety smooth, and superbly moisturized after each use. 


We recommend for even more stand out constant results to retain that Goddess Radiant Skin use our Body Oil.


Natural & Organic. 
deLadonica use all natural ingredients and organic quality ingredients.
Our products are pure and top shelf.
Made and packaged with great care and safe and hygienic practices in Queensland, Australia.


Skin Benefits

Fades and depletes spider veins and prevents new ones appearing.

Varicose or spider veins are formed by blood pressure build up.

Coffee scrubs helps increase blood flow and remove dead skin revealing refreshed radiant skin.

Through regular use, you may combat these purple blueish red veins and see them start to fade away and prevent new ones forming.

Restores skins elasticity enhancing the look of cellulite, lumpy skin and stretch marks.

Deeply hydrates skin leaving it feel silky and smooth.

Regular weekly treatments are your best chance to see ultimate anti-ageing results. 

Anti-ageing actions bring anti-ageing results! Helping you turn back the clock on skin!

Regular coffee scrubs could relieve swelling, aches and pains.

Helps with eczema and psoriasis and varicose veins.



The deLadonica Difference

deLadonica Coffee Body Scrubs magnificent formulation has the perfect balance for you.

Delivering ample coffee to set to work its magic while partnered together with the powers of Shea Butter, Coconut Oil and Sunflower Oil to deeply hydrate and nourish the skin.

All these combined is the lasting polishing final effect left behind you experience all day when you feel your skin after your pampering shower!

Our scrub magnificently sloughs away dead skin cells and intensely hydrates and protects the skin!

Our certified top quality coffee helps dilate blood vessels allowing nutrients from all the other ingredients into the skin to give their very best.

It nourishes the skin with the fatty acids skin loves and thrives on.

It is collagen boosting giving the whole body a boost!

The amazing ingredients absorb easily into the skin.

Trumps in Vitamin E and is antiseptic and antibacterial. May even lighten age spots and improve light varicose veins. 

The top quality beautiful aromatic deeply dark brown coffee we use holds a Fairtrade certification.

Our wonderful scrub will leave you enjoying how beautifully smooth and hydrated your skin feels for days after your scrub.

We don’t water down our scrubs, we put in quality ingredients that nourish and regenerate your skin. We leave you to get the water need from your shower.

Active Ingredients

Benefits of Coffee Bean 

Benefits of Shea Butter

Benefits of Sugar     

Benefits of Epsom Salt 

Benefits of Coconut Oil  

Benefits of Sunflower Oil   

Benefits of Glycerin

Benefits of Vitamin E

Benefits of Geranium

Benefits of Orange

What’s not in our products


Once a week is usually all is necessary. Twice a week if you want faster results to fade veins.

Using the scoop provided, collect the desired amount and place on top of the scrub lid. Screw the lid back on, leaving product ready and available for scrubbing and handy if you need more.

One scoop (as shown in video) is approximately 7-8grams of product.

This would give you approximately 10-13 uses from a 100gram jar depending on how much you use each body spa treatment.

First Shower as normal. 

Next smear the scrub all over the body then start massaging in circular motions.

A brush or mitt can be handy tools or just using your hands to massage will certainly still do the job.

Rinse off and feel beautifully moisturized, fresh and squeaky-clean.

Please Read: 

We always recommend reading the ingredients list before use. People can have allergies or reactions to skincare products, natural or not.

Always test patch any product on the inside of wrist or back of knee before use to check for reactions.

Our products are for cosmetic use only and to be used topically only . Enjoy.

Hot Tips

If dead skin is not sloughed away this can leave dry, flaky or oily patches, and invite common skin issues. 

A small round brush to massage with is a great tool.

Hand mitts may be the fastest way to scrub.

Focus on the legs, thighs and buttocks where cellulite and veins are most prominent. 


We recommend for even more stand out constant results to retain that Goddess Radiant Skin use our Body Oil.

Use as often as you choose daily or weekly or 3-4 times a week, you will come to know how often you want that sensual velvety skin. 



100% Natural /42% Organic Ingredients

Coffea Robusta (Coffea Canephora), Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea Butter), Raw Sugar, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride (Coconut Oil), Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Seed Oil, Magnesium Sulfate, Glycerin, Tocopherol, Citrus Aurantium Dulcis (Orange) Peel Oil, Pelargonium Graveolens Flower Oil, 


In short:

Coffee, Shea Butter, Sugar, Coconut Oil, Sunflower Oil, Epsom Salt, Glycerin, Vitamin E, Orange Oil, Geranium




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