Icelandic Pouffe Rug - White

Icelandic Pouffe Rug - White

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Icelandic Pouffe  Rug - White

Love is in the air! Adding such beauty to your home brings such beaming delight. This stunning exquisite blessing will be admired and loved for many years. This treasure bursts a beautiful elegant look to any room for your decorating ideas.

Your choice to place as a chair, an ottoman, a foot rest or side table or just to admire. Your living room or bedroom or wherever your place it, your home décor will be the style of the rich and famous.

Adding this to your decorating ideas looks absolutely classy and beautiful adding warmth and a heavenly softness. Team up a sheepskin rug and a deLadonica lambswool cushion for great decorating ideas.


The colour is Natural White.

The finest quality sourced this Icelandic pouffe boasts beauty and oozes luxury with its rich plush pile. If it’s superior luxury you desire, then this is a definite must have!


Measuring 70cm x 70cm x 30cm.

These are a natural product and measurements may vary at times.

Product or fill under pouffe is not included.

If you would like us to assist you with fill this is an additional cost of $88.00.

Features & Process:  

The process from start to complete has strict guidelines and procedures to abide by to ensure environment friendliness and safe for people and pets.


You can gently vacuum or brush your rug. Spot clean with damp cloth. Do not apply cleaning or chemical agents.

Hand Wash:

Your bathtub is a great place to hand wash your rug.

Fill tub to your desired level of lukewarm water, add the smallest amount of wool wash and using gentle motions moving the rug about the tub under the water, be sure not to use agitating movement.

Do this for approximately 3-5minutes.

Empty the tub and refill with lukewarm water to rinse clean.

Repeat until you are satisfied the water is clean and no more dirt or detergent is coming out of the rug. Roll the rug up and squeeze to drain excess water out.


To dry your rug lay it flat and wool side up in the shade, spreading out and soothing into shape. Direct sunlight can be too hot which may cause your rug to shrink and curl.

Note: Do not dry your rug in direct sunlight it may shrink and curl and possibly fade coloured rugs.

Coloured rugs:

If your rug is coloured it is best to have it dry cleaned as the washing process may remove dyes losing some of its colour.