Sheepskin Merino Rug - Black

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Adding a sheepskin rug to your home brings a beautiful elegant look to any room for your decorating ideas.

Used as a floor rug you will feel that plush softness under your feet as you sink into the pile.

Sheepskin rugs look absolutely classy and beautiful when draped over a piece of furniture adding warmth and a heavenly softness to your home decor. Team up a sheepskin rug and a deLadonica lambswool cushion for great decorating ideas.

A hypo allergenic Australian Sheepskin Rug added to the nursery or pram will certainly add comfort and cosiness. Wool is a natural insulator and baby will be comfortable no matter what the season. A nursery is certainly a place for softness and comfort, you can’t get much more softness than a sheepskin rug.

Makes a beautiful lambswool rug for baby.


The colour is Black.

Black Beauty. Black is simple and beautiful, always was, always will be and as we all know black goes with anything. Black adds some base and tone to your look. A black sheepskin rug will blend in looking beautiful, elegant and even regal.


Sheepskin rug is an extra-large size.

Measuring 110cm length and across the bottom the width measures 80cm.

These are a natural product and measurements may vary at times.

Features & Process:

The process from start to complete has strict guidelines and procedures to abide by to ensure environment friendliness and safe for people and pets.

Natural Insulator:

Lambswool is warm to cuddle in winter and cool when it’s summer. Wool is a natural insulator trapping air in between the breathable fibres regulating temperature so it is not hot in summer as many people believe it to be. In winter because of the insulated trapped air it is perfect for snuggling to keep you warm.


Cleaning your sheepskin rug might be easier than you think.

It is a good idea to regularly vacuum or brush your rug. A bit of a shake out and place it outside in the shade for airing. 

It is important to only use sheepskin wool wash not just any wool wash or the wrong kinds of soaps as these may permanently damage the leather on the back of your rug. You could risk it falling apart or going hard and stiff and possibly matting the wool. It is best to use non-alkaline and non-ionic detergents.

Machine Wash:

It is possible wash your rug in your washing machine if it fits and you trust you have a good quality machine, but it is very important to only select Delicate, Gentle or Hand Wash cycles with lower temperatures not exceeding 40°.

Hand Wash:

Your bathtub is a great place to hand wash your rug.

Fill tub to your desired level of lukewarm water, add your detergent and using gentle motions moving the rug about the tub under the water, be sure not to use agitating movement.

Do this for approximately 3 - 5minutes.

Empty the tub and refill with lukewarm water to rinse clean.

Repeat until you are satisfied the water is clean and no more dirt or detergent is coming out of the rug. Roll the rug up and squeeze to drain excess water out.


It is possible to use your washing machine on gentle spin only, with no heat and then follow the below instructions. Do NOT tumble dry the rug.

 To dry your rug lay it flat and wool side up on a towel in the shade, spreading out and soothing into shape. Direct sunlight can be too hot which may cause your rug to shrink and curl.

While your rug is still damp you can brush it with the pet or wool carding brush.

Note: Do not dry your rug in direct sunlight it may shrink and curl and possibly fade coloured rugs.

 Coloured rugs:

If your rug is coloured it is best to have it dry cleaned as the washing process may remove dyes losing some of its colour.

Please choose carefully as delivery & transportation fees for changing your mind on choice of product for colour, design or pattern will be at a cost to yourself.