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5 Great steps how to deal with your sunburn and reverse the damage!

Don’t Slip Slop Slap!


Never would I say that about sunscreen. 

But I do say that strongly when it comes to skincare.


5 Great steps how to deal with your sunburn and reverse the damage!

If you’re using natural organic quality skincare products like deLadonica, then you clearly care about your skin.

To get the very best out of your skincare products take the time to apply them generously. A quick slip slop slap just won’t do!

Massage them into your skin gently and upward for your décolletage, neck and face.
Just as important though, what about your body?
Summer time is here again in the beautiful land down under!
The sun is the number one cause of ageing our skin.
And it is dangerous when it comes to skin cancers.

While you are young, you may be confidant that your skin can take it.

But beware the warnings and down the track in later years is where it will all catch up to you.

The wrinkles and aged looking skin will come creeping in.


So, do protect yourself, cover up, wear lots of sunscreen and drink water to hydrate.


And nourish your skin!


Those of you somewhere over forty will be noticing changes to your body.
Besides the above mentioned, hydrating your skin daily is so important.
Especially if you have sunburn!
It needs to be treated!
And ouch! Nobody likes stinging sore sunburn!


Step No: 1


deLadonica Body Oil is brilliant for caring for your skin.

It has the ability to reverse sun damage and is anti-ageing and healing.

Its powerful, natural and organic ingredients work together and has so many healing powers tucked away in there it’s magical.

But you can’t just slip slop slap it on.

You need to massage it into your skin.

A good count of ten rubs onto each area is a good measure where you will inevitably see the benefits.

If you want to have glowing, healthy, younger looking skin from head to toe, this is no doubt one of the best products you should be using and you will be so glad you did.

I’m sure we all agree that JLO has sensational, amazing goddess like skin.

She recently told us she believes a good quality Olive Oil is one of her favourite most important ingredients for your skin.

deLadonica knows this too, and completely agrees.

This is why it is in our Body Oil.

It is also known to help after sun exposure to fight cancer causing cells.

Step No: 2


deLadonica Vitamin E Oil has so many benefits to help out here they are almost countless.

It too helps reverse sun damage and reduces the redness.

It boosts and reproduces new skin cell growth assisting in anti-ageing.

It hydrates and provides a protective barrier to keep that moisture in and keep treating that drying stinging sunburn.

It penetrates and does all this work, deep in the skin layers, not just sit on top.

Some severe sunburn where blistering may have occurred can leave behind scars.

Our Vitamin E Oil was created with treating scars and stretch marks in mind.

Step No: 3

deLadonica doesn’t have our own yet… give it time.

A good trusted Aloe Vera spray to calm and cool down that heat and stinging from the sunburn is well needed.

Good Steps mentioned so far…
Mix the top three Good Steps together.
Apply constantly, whenever you feel stinging, tightening, tingling, burning.

 And you will get on top of that sunburn pretty quick.

And see it start to turn into a beautiful suntan.

And most importantly… above all…
We can’t stress that enough here!
You need to reverse that damage, heal and produce new skin growth.
It may be demanding and require your love and attention but it will be all worth it.

And depending on the severity of your burn and your skin type, you could quite easily get away without even peeling if you keep the effort and attention up as needed.

Step No: 4

Drink Water!

Our body is made up of 60% (give or take a few) of water.

We need to top up our body with H2o every single day.

A day out in the sun and being active needs a bit extra as you know.

We need to replenish and hydrate our body even more so when sunburnt.

 We need to be mindful to give a little extra here.

Sunburn draws fluid to the surface of the skin, taking away from the rest of the body.

Step No: 5 
Nourish from the inside with food.

Vitamin C is also a top major factor our skin needs every single day!

With or without sunburn.

A little extra helping hand here is required.

Vitamin C packed foods can be oranges, blue berries, sweet potato, broccoli, kale.

There is a long list you won’t go hungry. 

Foods to help with sunburn

This is something for all ages!

Unfortunately we will not be 20 or 25 or young forever!

We highly recommend for all the young ones, don’t wait to start seeing the signs of ageing.

 Start using deLadonica Body Oil every day.

You will find that you will love putting it on for a special event, a night out, just to have that gorgeous glowing shimmer.



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