About Lambswool


Lambswool is warm to cuddle in winter and cool when it’s summer. Wool is a natural insulator trapping air in between the fibres regulating temperature so it is not hot in summer as many people think. In winter because of the insulated trapped air it is perfect for snuggling to keep you warm.

Our products are quality authentic Mongolian Lambswool and is approximately 8-15cm’s in length.

The wool is beautifully long and curly and odour free. Very soft to touch, yet stands thick and fluffy.

The HCHO free process our lambswool goes through leaves the skins softer and not so brittle. Being more brittle will not feel as luxurious and result in higher fibre loss – the wool shedding. This process delivers quality and produces a lovely thick soft wool. Some cheaper brands will not be the same high quality soft skins as ours are and the wool not as curly and thick. Others may shed leaving wool fibres behind. It is completely natural for fibres to come loose but some do this more than is desirable. Only one side of our cushions are lambswool the reverse side of our cushions is faux suede and is smooth and super soft to touch perfect for cuddling.

All wool goes through a process that cleanses dyes and disinfects it. Our wool goes through a friendlier process using no nasty chemicals. This is a HCHO free process which means it is a Formaldehyde free process being friendlier for you and our environment.

Formaldehyde is known as a carcinogenic pungent colourless flammable gaseous compound used to manufacture many things that exist in our daily life.

Please note:

Please be aware that dye colours may transfer to lighter colour materials if they come in direct contact.  If you are putting a dark coloured cushion on light coloured bedding or lounge, keep a check that there is no colour transfer happening.

 To clean your Mongolian Lambswool Cushions:

You can spot clean with a clean damp cloth otherwise Dry Cleaning is best for your cushion.