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Pre-Poop Toilet Spray The de-Stenchinater 115ml + 15ml Travel Bottle

Pre-Poop Toilet Spray The de-Stenchinater 115ml + 15ml Travel Bottle

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Wouldn’t it be lovely if the loo smelt lovely like roses after someone has been instead of alienating the household.

Or when you are out in public and you don’t want to leave any clues behind of your business, but instead leave behind a lovely fragrant aroma and exit like a queen or a handsome prince!

Our pre-poop neutralising air fresher scent 100% does exactly that!


3 Easy Steps:

  1. Simply shake the bottle to mix the ingredients
  2. Spray into toilet water
  3. And your good to umm… go!


The De-Stenchinater will trap alienating odours under the water surface leaving nothing but fresh neutral air above, along with a lovely refreshing lemongrass scent.

No more embarrassing horrible smell and no more walking into the dense stinky fog of the person before you, if they have used the pre-poop scent spray.

Every 115ml de-Stenchinater bottle to keep close by the toilet, comes with a handy hand bag or travel size 15ml bottle, so you are always armed and prepared!

Wherever you umm... Go!



No more bad smelly odour is left behind when someone has been to the toilet.

Keeps everyone in the household happier.

No more complaints, insults, yelling or embarrassment.

No more having to wait and come back later when the coast is clear, if you can hold on and wait!

When you are out in public you will leave the toilet cubicle walking not running and all anyone else will be wondering is… ‘What is that lovely smell?’


The deLadonica difference


This product 100% works! And helps make happy people and toilet time much more pleasant!

We add a little extra floral water to the formula. And a lovely Lemongrass scent that everyone loves.

Ingredients are antiseptic, anti-microbial and uplifting.

And leaves you confidant & smiling!


 Active Ingredients

Lemongrass, Lemon, Tea Tree & Rose Floral Water


The instructions are on the bottle. Shake, Spray and Go!

Shake the bottle to mix the ingredients well or the product won't work efficiently.

Spray 2-4 times into the toilet bowel over top of the toilet water.

And…your ready to... Go!

The alien poop will land in the toilet water under the protective barrier you just sprayed into the toilet.

The alienating odours are not strong or powerful enough to penetrate or break upward through the barrier, these are trapped beneath the water surface.

This is how the air above is fresh and neutral and bad odour free.

The only scent in the air is the lovely fragrance of the Lemongrass, Tea Tree & Lemon. 


Hot Tips

Our only hot tip is ‘don’t forget to use it!’ And shake the bottle first to mix the ingredients!



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