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Cushions and Cushion Inserts!

Cushions and Cushion Inserts!

These simple little household items really are precious little treasures in our homes, or even outside our homes in waiting rooms and hotels.

When you walk past your cushions in your home do you look at them with admiration and smile and look forward to the next time your due to snuggle? Or do you look at them and decide you can do much better and it’s time for those cushions to go?

Besides what a cushion creates and adds to your décor with its colour, texture and theme of style, they have great purpose that brings us pleasure every day. We pop them under our head to see the tv or magazine or book we are reading. Sitting up straight popping the cushion behind our back gives lumbar support. Laying down and popping cushions under our knees or feet brings a very relaxing comfort too. 

The keen home decorator will be sure these little additions to our home are appealing to the eye and suit the room helping create atmosphere and mood, even though they are likely to be one of the smallest items in the room. The lounge itself, the rug, the coffee table and the tv are much bigger, but your cushions will catch your eye and they are what you reach for once you open your book or find your tv show to watch.

Now, what about what’s inside your cushions there are a few different fillings of choice 

The most popular is polyester or a polyester cotton blend. These are most popular because they are strong and durable and easy to clean and available in several different densities for firmness or softness of your choice. They are non-allergenic and odourless.

Feather down is another choice, which are the soft fluffy undercoat feathers of a duck or goose. They create warmth, and to a certain degree can regulate temperature acting as an insulator, so they won’t necessarily be hot in summer. They can be cleaned in your washing machine but clumping of the feathers may occur and this can leave your cushion insert lumpy and uncomfortable.

Recycled water bottles are deLadonica’s choice of cushion insert. They look and feel just like high quality polyester inserts. The P.E.T. Recycled water bottle therefore will last longer. For every 1kg of fiber used we have saved 70 water bottles from landfill.

DeLadonica cushion inserts also have a zipper at one end, you can add or remove filling to your comfort satisfaction. They are machine washable and non-allergenic and completely odourless.

You can find this information on our ‘Cushion Insert Page’ on the following link.


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