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deLadonica Bringing You Natural & Organic Skin Care.

deLadonica Bringing You Natural & Organic Skin Care.


Why use Natural Organic Products? Why buy deLadonica? Who is deLadonica?

Good questions, happy to answer them.

Natural Organic products are from nature, and Mother Nature knows best. People go on with their lives keeping busy and racing to keep up with their tasks to tick off for the day. Meanwhile silently in the back ground synthetic and nasty chemicals are doing damage to ourselves and our environment.

It’s frustrating to us to see popular products and brands that have been used and trusted for years have nasty chemicals in them. While at the time it seems they are possibly doing the job you purchased them for, but in the longer run this all unravels.

Organic is an extra step in the process of using these wonderful gifts from nature. Organic is farming without the use of synthetic chemicals or genetically modified components and the process in which the goodness or oils may be extracted and collected.

This allows the natural goodness and vitamins to be still available in the collected product, and when we make other products with these natural organic ingredients, they are active!

What do we mean by active? For example, if an ingredient best ability is to fight free radicals, or soften and plump skin, then that is what it will do – naturally. And they do it well! Synthetic products will have nasty groups of chemicals in the ingredients and they just add horrible things like Mineral Oil, which is crude oil, which is cheap and nasty, they add them to put something in the tub to make it feel like a moisturising cream or lotion.  Down the track these horrid chemicals will add ageing to your skin and other things, but we will leave that for another day.

Have you ever used natural and organic products before?

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What was your experience and findings?

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