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Why should you do a body scrub and why is it best to do a coffee body scrub?

Body scrubs remove dead skin cells. That’s reason number one right there!

Why is it important to remove dead skin cells?

Everyday 20 Billion cells in our body die and our body can replace 20 million cells in just a few seconds. So over our lifetime the body is busy replacing and regenerating new skin, hair, blood, saliva and so on.

When this replacement process is taking place, our body sheds an entire layer of our skin every two to four weeks. This leaves dead skin cells sitting on the top layers of our skin. These dead skin cells if not removed can start to cause some skin issues which gives an unhealthy aged look. Pores become clogged, acne and blemishes appear. Our skin looks dull and can inflame psoriasis and eczema.

So, this is when a body scrub or exfoliation is needed to remove the dead skin cells and reveal fresh new clean, radiant skin.

Without exfoliation or scrubbing as the skin becomes clogged with dead skin cells it also becomes quite flaky and dry and patchy and accelerates skin issues and ageing. This is why a coffee body scrub is an excellent choice!


The benefits and results of a body scrub or exfoliation.

Giving your face and body a refreshing scrub or exfoliation, scrubs away the dead skin cells. Exposing newly hydrated, nourished and healthier skin. This helps combat the earlier mentioned skin issues and is an anti-ageing procedure and treatment.

This new fresh skin is now more vibrant and radiant and polished and will feel very smooth, buffed and polished.

The new fresh skin allows moisture and nutrients and vitamins into the skin much better than the clogged dead cell skin. The renewed freshly scrubbed skin responds to what is being fed to them.

The ingredients in a body scrub should be packed with powerful active ingredients that replace and hydrate, nourish, regenerate, rejuvenate and help build strong skin cellular building blocks etc.

It’s helpful to think of your skin as a special plant you need to keep hydrating and fertilizing to keep alive and in peak condition.


Why is a coffee body scrub so good?

Coffee is an amazing wonderful benefit to skincare.

Coffee and as a coffee scrub is invigorating, stimulating and soul lifting!

It can help be awakening but also calming at the same time. Its aroma is mood lifting and helps overcome fatigue.

Studies have shown that coffee helps promote healthy skin. Coffee is a powerful antioxidant and fights free radicals. It has antimicrobial properties to help protect skin from germs.

Coffee body scrubs help circulate blood flow, this helps pump more oxygen through our entire body.

Coffee can also help boost collagen and elastin and help reduce cellulite and dimples and reduce the premature ageing of cells. Particularly in the common cellulite areas like stomach, thighs and buttocks.

Coffee is an excellent exfoliator. The exfoliating action brightens skin, also good for the eye area in a facial exfoliator.

Coffee contains vitamin B3, this is good for helping fight off cancer. It reduces inflammation and acne.

Coffee sloughs away dead skin cells brilliantly.


Why is the best coffee body scrub deLadonica?

All deLadonica products are 100% natural and almost as much organic and top shelf high quality. Leaving results that take action and feel luxurious and beautiful on your skin.

We carefully formulate and select the best products that go hand in hand to create a magnificent product that is best to do the job it was selected for.

The Shea Butter will participate in focussing on hydrating and repairing damaged skin like stretch marks and scarring. The luxuriously hydrating smooth feeling of Shea Butter is absolutely beautiful as it is beneficial.

Coconut oil easily absorbs into the skin allowing in all the best of all lovely nutrients the body scrub has to offer. It helps provide a protective barrier on the skin trapping moisture inside. It also helps boost collagen levels.

The Sunflower oil is high in vitamin E and it also helps act as a skin barrier trapping moisture in. It smooths the skin helping with redness and irritations.

Vitamin E helps with overall skin health and function. It is a powerful antioxidant fighting free radicals and toxins. Gives skin a youthful look and helps clean skin and pores.

Glycerin helps draw moisture into the skin and keep it hydrated. Helps tissue skin repair and good for all skin types, fights free radicals and keeps skin soft and smooth.

Orange and Geranium both are antiseptic and helps balance skins sebum. Is healing helping clear many common skin issues. Their aromas are both so uplifting and orange of course contains vitamin C.


Epsom Salts and the sugar are both brilliant for exfoliating the skin being uplifting cleansing and wonderful ingredients.

We believe all the above reasons are why a coffee body scrub is truly best. And we absolutely love the deLadonica coffee body scrub. The way your skin feels afterward is so hydrated and smoothed and nourished and luxurious. And you just know you have given your skin an amazing beautiful treatment with deLadonica’s Coffee Body Scrub. And you have taken yet another ‘deLadonica’ step in anti-ageing!

This is an amazing DIY Coffee Body Scrub treatment you can do every week at home and keep your skin in true ‘Goddess’ condition every week!

deLadonica is all natural non toxic and organic ingredients to bring you the very best skincare products possible. Including in a coffee body scrub.

Hot Tip

If you get sunburned, treat your skin and stay as hydrated as possible, but once sunburn has fully cleared up and is no longer red and burning or hot, give yourself a full body scrub. Many natural ingredients have the power to reverse some sun damage.

When using our coffee body scrub use circular motions over the body is best. You can use your hands to apply but a shower body brush is best to really help circulate blood flow even better. 

So, Get Your Gear Off!

Get In The Shower!

& Give Yourself

The Best Coffee Body Scrub Ever!


deLadonica Coffee

Our dark brown coffee beans origin is Ugandan.

Our coffee bean powder is Rainforest Alliance Certified.

And Fairtrade Certified.

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