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Q&A:  Large pores, are they just unappealing to look at in the mirror or are they a result of unhealthy skin?

A:  Factor Number One:  Enlarged pores are to an extenta fact of life.’

You would have probably heard or read many times that ‘the older we get the more our skin loses elasticity.’

Our skin begins to sag and will not be as firm or as tight as when we were younger.

Try and find pores on a new born baby or young child. … How did you go?

Did you get out a magnifying glass and still couldn’t see them?

So, don’t be so hard on yourself they are a part of the cycle of life.

But, they don’t necessarily have to be so visible or unhealthy.

Large pores can also be a result of clogging and build-up.

Our body naturally produces an oil known as ‘sebum’ and it coats and protects our skin.

But for many people our body can get a little carried away and produce too much oil or sebum and this can then clog pores.

This can then create a bacteria build up and cause acne, blackheads and whiteheads.

All of this can also be the causes of large open pores.

A:  Factor Number Two:  Ageing!

Our skin is not as firm or tight as we age.

Our body isn’t producing the collagen and elastin etc. as it used to.

That’s the way the human body works, unfortunately.

It’s copped the sun and pollutions and exposure to many things for many years now.

We need to keep nourishing and feeding our skin with moisturisers and serums and also through the foods we eat.

We need to use good quality products that are active!

Products with the capability to rejuvenate and regenerate healthy new skin cells! Products that have the ability to lift, plump and tighten.

And incredibly reverse damage!

They need to contain brilliant antioxidants giving the power to fight free radicals.

Delivering the power for immaculate cell stimulation and the proficiency to soften and smooth wrinkles.

And there you have amazing anti-ageing action.

This is very helpful in reducing in size of pores.

Diminishing their size and appearance and improving their health!


So, how do we do all these things?


Number one: Cleanse regularly – Day and Night!

Both are extremely important. As we sleep our body produces oils that need to be cleansed to unclog pores and balance skin pH if you are using the right cleanser.

As we sleep, we can still be copping toxins from the environment around us.

Planes, trains and automobiles, just to name one – pollution.

And of course remove makeup that can clog our skin and not allow it to breathe so easy and removing the toxins from the day’s activities.


Number Two: Weekly Scrubs or Masks.

A more intense and deep cleanse once or twice a week is also extremely important.

This removes dead skin cells that contributes to clogging and unhealthy skin. Also causing acne, blackheads and whiteheads which also lead to large pores!


Number Three: A good Daily & Weekly Regime.


Cleanse : Tone :  Serum  :  Eye Cream :  Day/Night Cream


To help our customers, the above daily process is on our website and on our packaging.

We know it gets confusing, life gets busy. It all gets too much. There are so many elements in our day.

So to help keep it simple we have provided this constant reminder to help you out.

If you’re not sure of what a good daily regime is, just read the label on the packaging. Simple!

And weekly, just once maybe twice a week have a gently facial scrub or mask.


Number Four: Quality Products with Active Ingredients!


We hear the hype too.

A lot of companies out there claim to be something they are not.

Including in the natural skincare sector. That’s very disappointing to hear.


We can assure you, that deLadonica use all natural and organic ingredients in all our products.

Natural and Organic plant ingredients are gifted to us by Mother Nature and they are amazing!

They are active, they have healing abilities.

They provide us with the things our body needs, but doesn’t necessarily produce or produce well.

We can use them to infuse and boost us with what we are lacking from what they are bountiful.

They are truly magical in their performance and possibilities.

We are truly lucky to have them.


So, now what will you use?

Cleanser: deLadonica has an amazing Facial Cleanser. It’s balancing, healing and cleanses beautifully. You will see and feel instant results on your first use.


deLadonica’s   :   Perfecting Facial Cream Cleanser


Scrub or Mask: a Tea-Tree Facial Scrub will be one of deLadonica’s first new products for 2021 and of course it will be magical and beautiful.

We have been trialling and perfecting a Pink Clay and Chocolate Mask and we will bring that to you when we make some decisions.

If you would like a sample sent to you to try please don’t hesitate to contact us through our website or directly to


Quality Products with Active Ingredients:
All deLadonica products are strategically formulated with the best ingredients based on performance with the end results in mind.
Confidently choose any deLadonica product to do what you want it to do!
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