Hi deLadonians! We just wanted to check how you are going! Are you melting, sweltering, or rained out and drenched?
Our crazy Australian summer weather is certainly dishing it all out!
Above all we hope you are safe, happy and well.
Down to business now, are you keeping on top of your skincare routine? (Insert smiley face here looking at you through a magnifying glass!)
Are you smashing ageing out of the ball park and turning back the clock?
If you’re not, and there are some issues on your mind, send us an email.
Tell us about your current skin condition and what you would like to see improve.
We may be able to pass on some tips you can try out and shift into a new gear.
But for now, here are some things you can do first.
Put some words into action and take some simple steps that may surprise you how effective they are.
Tip Number One: Keep hydrated. Inside and out.
Drink plenty of water! Especially in this crazy humid weather. We are sweating so much we are losing a lot of moisture from our body. At every opportunity, when you go to the bathroom, tap some cold water onto your face, particularly if you are using Hyaluronic Acid (HA.)
If you have tried tapping some water in to your skin and you feel you need something more, back this up by adding some HA, or a serum or some moisturiser.
Your skin will thank you and you will feel it too!
Your skin will drink it up!
And you can only benefit from this simple exercise.
Drink at least 8 glasses of water each day. Find something that triggers a reminder to keep drinking water. Try keeping a water bottle in front of you. Or sit the water bottle somewhere you constantly walk past, every time you look at it, pick it up and drink some. Set an annoying alarm in your phone to keep pestering you.
Tip Number Two: Eat well!  
Eating foods that have vitamin C will help boost your skin’s condition. Foods with vitamin C are oranges, lemons, strawberries, broccoli and chilli just to name a few. Eat refreshing hydrating foods like watermelon and cucumber, celery, carrot sticks, salads and beetroot. Make a refreshing detoxing Green Tea to keep in the fridge and drink a glass each day.
Here’s a quick recipe for Detoxing Green Tea:
 2 Green Tea tea bags
A squeeze of lemon
1 teaspoon of Apple Cider Vinegar
1/2 teaspoon of Tumeric
A tiny pinch of Cayenne Pepper (go easy)
½ teaspoon of minced ginger
A sprinkle of cinnamon
Optional: Add a squeeze of half an orange at the cooling stage.
Boil the jug add all the ingredients and stir, just like making a cup of tea.
Allow to cool, tip into a jug and refrigerate!
This is not only refreshing but can help to lose weight, detoxify and help with your joints and arthritis.
Tip Number Three: Stick to your complete full skincare routine!
Never skip Cleansing that’s most important. Always follow that up with Toning also most important! Feed, nourish & regenerate with Serums always do that! Don’t forget to nourish the eye area. Pump and plump and hydrate with HA also super important! And never ever skip Moisturising!
And always be sure to Scrub twice weekly minimum.
So, I guess it’s pretty safe to say that every step is super important and ensure you do your daily routine morning and night!
Tip Number Four: Always be sure to massage your products well into your skin.
Life is certainly busy and not every single time we apply our skincare do we have time to stand at the basin and take our time to massage each step well into our skin. It is important though at some stage soon to make sure there is time to give our skin the attention to do this properly.
During the day at least once, twice if possible… Do something extra to feed your thirsty plant… your skin! Adding an extra dose of HA is fantastic and be sure to apply with damp fingers onto damp skin. Tap a little water into your skin and give the HA something to hold. Don’t allow it to go hunting for water and dry up your skin! HA must have water to hold! If your skin is feeling dry or tight or a bit tacky, tap in some water. Add a product, experiment with what you like best for your top ups. A serum is a great idea or your moisturiser. Give your skin something more than just your morning and nightly routine.
Treat your skin as a very thirsty plant that constantly needs water, care and nourishing!
Tip Number Five: Treatment Scrubs – Exfoliate! 
Do this at least twice a week, more if you can. deLadonica has two wonderful amazing facial scrubs. Honey Oat Exfoliator and our Coffee Exfoliator. We love to suggest a mini treatment for this and that is to wet your face (while in the shower is of course the easiest) apply scrub followed by applying a booster, (we love our Rosehip Booster) next apply deLadonica’s Perfecting Cleanser as normal then rinse off! Your skin is refreshed, renewed and turning back the clock!
Exfoliating is removing dead skin cells. Dead skin cells add an aged look to our skin. It clogs the skin and causes impurities, even irritation and ageing. It is also important to of course put back in and nourish the skin during this process. And the massaging action also stimulates blood flow and causes new blood to surface and helps in renewing the skin cells.
Don’t forget to checkout our blog page for additional information with helpful tips just for you!
Don’t forget, if you have something particular you are wondering if you can improve, we are happy to help. Simply reply to this email.
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