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Goddess Tip… Clutter it’s time to go!

Goddess Tip… Clutter it’s time to go!

Feeling Like Your Standing On a Mountain Top.

Can you ever feel so free and alive and powerful and strong when you’re amongst nature? The fresh breezes touching your skin and whisking your hair. The sights and scenery of colours before you keeps you content and absorbing the moment. The sounds and smells around you, uplifting your spirit leaving you feeling unbreakable like a Goddess!

Adonica means very beautiful Greek Goddess and ‘del’ is short for deluxe, this means when you shop deLadonica, you shop for the deluxe Goddess… ‘you.’

Let’s bring that good feeling into your home and have that uplifting goddess feeling in any room.

Goddess Tip:

How to hold onto that standing on top of a mountain out in nature feeling and stay in your deluxe Goddess state?

The little things…

Everyday little things that are positive, pleasing, healthy and clean are essential to your every day. Discreetly they power you along and give you charge to complete your day.

These could be your morning detox tea, the dusting and cleaning is up to date, the stratospheric ambience you created in your home décor, and yes, your daily diet, absolutely and without doubt.

Is there something in your home that when you look at it, it turns your smile upside down, or makes you feel a little weight on your shoulders and drag your feet?

Could it be clutter? Clutter is a miserable eyesore. Does a cluttered cupboard, table, draw or bench exist in your existence? This silent but miserable dark spot can change your mood and your habits at a glance.

Clutter also usually means dust; dust is unhealthy, for everyone, but especially if you or someone in the home has allergies and dust doesn’t bring a smile to your heart.

You might even agree that it’s time for it to go!

Since it’s not going to fix itself and requires some manual labour and stimulant we think a healthy tip would be, to not put it off any longer!

Your next day off, pencil in an hour or however long you think this dark spot will take to fix, set it aside and start dreaming up and creating how you want the new space to look.

How might you change this to how a Goddess would own it?!

What needs to go in the rubbish, never to be seen again?

What can be added or taken away to make more open white space?

Open white space? Clean, clear uncluttered happiness.

Does it need colour added to continue a theme that exists in the home already?

A splash of paint?

Out with the old in with the new?

Don’t think poverty, think big! Think beauty, richness, happiness!

Once you are done, and you are excited, proud and happy with your new creation, take some pics, post them on social media or just send to your bestie or your mum, because no doubt your feeling pretty good right now.

Don’t let that good feeling go, keep going.

Which part of the house is next on your target list?

Good job Goddess!

We hope we can help again in the future!

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