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How To Get Younger Looking Skin By Plumping Up Your Skin

Get Plumped Younger Looking Radiant Skin!

Ageing is a natural process of any living thing here on planet earth, it’s the inevitable!

But for us humans this natural changing process of the skin is caused firstly by ageing.

Other things in our environment can contribute to the way our skin looks and behaves as we age like the sun, stress, alcohol, dehydration and smoking.

But let’s talk here firstly about the natural process of the skin as we age.

Under the skins layers we have many things going on in the dermis like skin cells, blood cells, building blocks and collagen and protein and a whole lot more.

As we age everything seems to slow down.

Our energy, our metabolism, production of collagen and again, a whole lot more.

Collagen is the protein that gives our skin the structure, suppleness and stretch and bounce, that youthful ‘plumpy’ bounce we had when we were young.


As we age our body doesn’t produce collagen as well as it once did.


Collagen isn’t just in our skin. It’s in our muscles and bones and tendons and ligaments our organs and blood.


So when you learn that collagen is produced naturally in our body by the foods we eat, it makes a whole lot of sense here to eat healthy every single day and feed our body well.

To help boost and feed your collagen, eat foods like:



Leafy Greens


Red and Yellow Vegetables

Egg Whites



Citrus Fruits


Bell Peppers




White Tea

Herbs : Chinese Knotweed, Horsetail, Gynostemma, Gotukola, bala, Ashwagandha


This is feeding our skin from the inside to what we see on the outside.


To continue to combat ageing and help by feeding our skin from the outside we need good quality products that help provide all these vitamins with ingredients that have the power to feed and supply and build our skin cell building blocks to give it a strong sturdy structure.


If you think about an old shack that over time the roof is caving in because of weathering and time and the walls and support beams underneath are weakening and buckling and caving in because they are not strong anymore and are just crumbling down and sinking in.


Now think of your skin as the roof and under your skin is the walls and support beams.

You want to give your shack a new strong and straight shiny roof but you first need strong walls and support beams to build it on.

So with good diet and good quality skincare you will be feeding your skin from both sides. And you stand a really good chance of rebuilding that shack (I do mean your skin) and make it look like time has turned back and it’s become strong and sturdy again.

So when collagen in the dermis is crumbling down. And is not as present as it was when we were younger.

Your skin is collapsing in a little and this is what creates wrinkles. When we get more wrinkles we can get what is known as ‘crepey’ skin. Skin becomes thin and this is at different levels for everybody.

It is less flexible and has lost its bounce.

Hyaluronic Acid is possibly the best number one ingredients for plumping along with Vitamin C and all the other vitamins. Ingredients that contain antioxidants and cell rebuilding, repairing, rejuvenating abilities.

You may already be familiar with our Hyaluronic Acid Eye Gel. This will help plump the skin.

So What’s Coming?!

deLadonica of course has created something that delivers all of this.

We have bottled a serum with powerful capabilities that you will visibly see taking action soothing out, dissipating fine lines and wrinkles along with giving yours skin a radiant glow and feels oh-so amazing, of course!


We will be releasing this product to you very soon!

We are almost there!

We will announce the arrival date of this magical wonderful amazing new product soon!

deLadonica's New Arrival  


Coming Soon...


As a little added bonus of information to todays blog, here are 20 ways to reduce wrinkles that can help slow down the ageing process.

  1. Stop smoking
  2. Always wear sunscreen cloudy or sunny and don’t sunbake
  3. Hydrate your skin by drinking water. 8 glasses or 2 litres a day at least
  4. Use skincare products that contain antioxidant and AHA’s (Alpha Hydroxy Acid, comes from sugary fruits)
  5. Moisturise your skin at least twice a day
  6. Reduce stress. (e.g. reading, exercising, meditating, a nature walk, water the plants)
  7. Reduce alcohol consumption. This one can probably accelerate wrinkles forming more than you think)
  8. Eat healthy, like from the list above
  9. Sleep at least 8 hours a night
  10. Eat fish at least 3 times a week.
  11. Check with your doctor or food nutritionist
  12. Use eye cream for the delicate skin around the eyes
  13. Use facial scrubs or exfoliators to remove the build-up of dead skin cells that can cause skin issues, flakiness, appearance of wrinkles. Do this at least once a week. 2 or 3 times is even better.
  14. Jojoaba oil resembles the skin’s natural oils, it balances and controls the amount of sebum build up in the skin and so much more. Lots of deLadonica products contain Jojoba Oil.
  15. Use natural skincare that nourish and provides many vitamins and minerals our skin needs, wants and thrives on and almost applauds when applied. Natural organic is even better. I don’t need to tell you that deLadonica provides exactly that!
  16. Vitamin C supplements and eat foods that provide vitamin C. Here’s just a few. Oranges, Lemons, Strawberries, Broccoli, Kale, Peppers. Vitamin C will help boost your collagen! deLadonica products have plenty of ingredients that provide vitamin C.
  17. Start a good skincare routine in your 20’s. Prevention is easier than the cure. And let me say this. IT IS NOT TOO LATE FOR YOU!! Better late than never! Start your deLadonica skincare routine now to start turning back the clock and improve your skins condition and appearance!
  18. Honey is a fantastic healer! Checkout deLadonica’s product list and join our facebook group and see the honey products and suggestions that we have to offer!
  19. Aloe Very and Avocado Oil help prevent the skin from drying out and both help improve the skin’s elasticity. Again deLadonica products have both these ingredients.
  20. A soothing exercise that takes almost no effort is when you lie on your back, elevate your knees placing a pillow or cushion under them. Also Shiatsu massage is great, but that’s for another day.

It won’t be long now! We will let you know our release date soon!

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