What Does Serum Do and Why Bother Using It? Six Ways Serum Helps Make A Younger Sexier You!

What Does Serum Do and Why Bother Using it?

Six ways serum helps make a younger sexier you!


Learn deLadonica’s serum secret, that other serums don’t do!

Is serum in your skincare routine?

Is it missing from your range of daily beauty products?

If it is, you need to fix this quickly!

You no doubt are already incredibly beautiful. Right?

Let me hear you say ‘Right!’  …   …  Perfect!


Now, let’s build the support beams to keep skin strong and youthful.

Let’s turn back the clock!

This is not a myth and is totally possible for anyone.

It’s easy to go through life and believe we know the basics of skincare.


Wash face regularly, keep moisturised, scrub or mask weekly


We think we are doing enough, until the day we learn more and try better products.

By then we sadly see age marching all over our face. Eeek!


There’s two keys right there … Learn more!   And   Try better products!

Do this and start to see amazing results and vast improvements right there on your face.

Some people may even comment and give you a compliment. The kind ones will anyway.


We are not going to be young forever, unfortunately.

Start early, this is going to pay off in the years down the track.


Skincare routines don’t need to be complex or take too much time and money, but it does need to take at least a little effort.


Especially because of the world we live in with its toxins and radicals and whatever else is in the air and buzzing about us.

It’s so very important to remove all traces of makeup every single night and cleanse properly and nourish and moisturise, not just moisturise.


If you are one who is often asking yourself ‘what is the right routine?’

Here it is and it’s at the top of all labels on deladonica skincare products.


Cleanse  :  Tone  :  Serum  :  Eye Cream  :  Day/Night Cream


So, why use serum?

And what are the six ways that serum makes a younger sexier you?


Number One:  Ingredients!

A good serum contains high quality, more concentrated, active ingredients.

Natural organic is of course the best way to go every time providing us that wonderful quality that’s so important.

Plant based ingredients are rich in vitamins, antioxidants and essential fatty acids.

Our bodies do not naturally produce or provide so many things our skin needs like vitamins and antioxidants and collagen.

We need to get them from plant and food.

So we’ve bottled it for you and created a formula that delivers.


Number Two:  Skin Appearance & Anti-ageing!

This is what we want!

Lovely looking clear, dewy, fresh looking skin with a healthy glow.

Serum helps soothe and soften skin and improve flexibility.

Fights free radicals, balances and treat skin issues.

Its anti-ageing, soothing and diminishes fine lines and wrinkles.

Regulates sebum production, so this is balancing.


Number Three:  Smells Amazing!

Not all serums have a lingering pretty smell.

Our lovely customers are delighted by our deladonica Goddess Facial Serum and enjoy receiving comments from others who want to know what they are wearing as it smells so lovely.

We provided a link in the image below to our serum page if you want to read more and discover not only our wonderful ingredients but what their amazing benefits are how they are helping your skin.



Number Four:  Skin Conditions!

Not just a pretty face!

Our serum helps skin conditions like acne, eczema, dry and oily skin and more.

There are many things our skin loves, absorbs, needs and thrives on.

One of those things is fatty acids with omegas.

These absorb quickly into the skin, so it’s fast acting and helping treat troubling issues like we just mentioned.

This gives you clearer healthier skin making a younger sexier you!

For those with oily skin.

Our serum contains ingredients that make the skin think it has produced enough oil, so it stops. This action helps clear up blemishes and acne.

Number Five:  Protection ~ Rebuild ~ Balance!

Some ingredients are known as ‘occlusive’ these form a protective layer on our skin keeping moisture in and other things out.

This also helps reduce the impact of stress on our skin like radicals, and simple things like ‘wind’ that can be drying to the skin.


Now, drum roll please … this is our favourite!

This is our serum secret!

Not all serums will do this!


All serums should contain Quality, Concentrated, Active Ingredients with a Purpose.


We believe a serum should also do this…


Number Six:  Slough Away Dead Skin Cells!

This is absolutely a big step to the younger sexier you!

This is an amazing anti-ageing action you need in your life!


Here’s a question. Dead skin cells, are they invisible or aren’t they?

They can be all over your face and almost even hiding, yet they are visible adding an ageing look to your appearance.

They can be very good at hiding especially under the eyes where we wear makeup and maybe don’t clean in there as well as we should because we don’t want to rub products into our eyes.


So cleansing and the toning is so important to help remove all traces of make up dirt and grime and clear the way to allow our amazing products to get in there and do their job.


Removing dead skin cells leaves a vibrant, fresh, glowing clean new layer of skin revealed.

Wait!  It doesn’t end there…

Our serum will also then get in there and help generate, rejuvenate and stimulate new skin cell growth and turn over!

How good!

Again revealing a younger sexier you!


deLadonica has a goal in mind for each product we create.

Each product has a focus and a particular issue to target.

We created our serum to provide your skin with the vitamin C it needs.

The very best anti-ageing ingredients.

And to slough away dead skin cells.

Of course it doesn’t stop there, visit our store and discover the many other benefits our Amazing Serum has to offer.


Deladonica has no known reactions from our products to date.

In fact those that may usually have sensitive eyes to skincare and make up, don’t seem to have this problem with deladonica skincare products.

How good!


So let’s get the best natural organic skincare serum into your daily beauty routine and onto your skin now!



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