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There seems to be discrepancy and dispute on this topic.

The answer is…


drum roll please…


It is personal choice!

Thanks for coming! The end!


Okay just kidding, maybe not ‘the end’, if you would like to know a little more information, please do read on.

Don’t forget I am only referring to natural ingredients here, no chemicals. We rarely talk chemicals here.

Some say the lotion should go on first to moisturise and hydrate into the skin.

Some believe the lotion will penetrate more than oil.

They could be stating this because lotions are partly water based, so they will moisturise better.


There are many oils that will penetrate deeply and quickly.


Coconut Oil & Rosehip Oil are very quick to absorb, while Jojoba & Sunflower are a little slower and Almond Oil is even slower again.

Wow, think about that!

Look at all the beautiful layers oozing into your skin as you apply the oil or lotion.

Rolling in like gentle waves one after another after another, gifting you all these wonderful benefits over and over and through and through.

What a beautiful thought.


This is one of the many reasons you will find these amazing raw and natural ingredients in deLadonica products.

These wonderful ingredients can be in either your lotion or your oil!


There is an order of application rule in skincare maybe you have heard it somewhere before.



This means the thinnest product should be applied first and then the next thickest and so on and the thickest (usually the lotion or day/night cream) would be last.

If you think about that for a moment, it may make more sense that the thinner product would absorb quicker and easier into the skin, while a thicker (most likely a lotion) will seep into the skin slower.

So that’s one rule you could go by if you choose.


Try a little experiment.

First for the body.

After your shower…

Don’t scrub your body dry. Pat dry with a towel, leave a little water on the skin.

The skin is our biggest organ and it absorbs natural and unnatural particles very well.


On one leg, rub in your lotion.

Then go to the next leg and rub in your oil.

If you’re anything like me that oil just disappeared and my skin just drank it all up.

Best bet to keep that young youthful glowing healthy nourished skin, after every shower you put both lotion and oil on your entire body.


Now go back to the first leg. (This has given time for absorption of any kind.)

Now rub oil over top of your already lotion moisturised leg.


Now go back to the second leg and rub lotion over the top of the oiled leg.


What do you think?

Does one feel better than the other?

In this case following what we believe or what is our personal preference or what is our body telling us, is most likely the best choice for you.

‘the end’

Just kidding again.

Read on for more.


So for me, for the body I like the lotion first and then the oil.

I like the way that feels best. My skin feels happily moisturised and nourished.


Some say oils may sit on top of lotions. Perhaps this depends on the products being used.

It is said that deLadonica Body Oil does not sit on top of the skin like other oils can.

You can feel that it is soaking into the skin nicely.

And when it has been seen to heal so many skin issues it’s pretty hard to argue that.


But… for my face I do the reverse.

Here, I’ll follow the thinnest to thickest rule.

To me, this feels best and my skin feels happy and nourished.

For my face Cleanse  :  Tone :  Serum  :  Eye Product  :  Day/Night Cream.


Try the little experiment again here if you like. Try reversing it.

Which way feels the best to you?

In all things in life they say listen to our body.

This is most likely the best way to give it what it wants and needs.


So, as I said in the beginning it really is personal preference and clinically proven trials and results says same.


You can also do this.

Pay close attention to what your skin appearance is telling you.

Look for less signs of ageing and skin tone appearing more even.


Our deLadonica Perfecting Facial Cream Cleanser is one of the quickest of our products that reflects those exact results in skin toning.

Usually after just the first or second use!

Not kidding you at all, try it and see for yourself!


Retinol builds skin collagen and stands it back up if it’s falling down.

Rosehip and Carrot together will do that.

Those ingredients are in there together in our Perfecting Facial Cream Cleanser and in our Perfecting Collagen Night Cream.


There are times when it can be best to wait between applications.


For example vitamin C can be a little slower to absorb into the skin, possibly 90seconds.

Our Amazing Goddess Facial Serum is based on vitamin C in case you want to consider allowing a little absorption time.


Sunscreen is one you may want to give that bit of time to absorb before adding anything over the top.


Acne treatments may require a wait time.


So there is no One Size Fits All Answer.

You can read more here from the Science of Beauty.



Two things you can do.

  1. Try the test mentioned above with lotion and oil on the legs.
  2. Look closer at your skin appearance looking for less signs of ageing and skin tone appearing more even. And ask yourself if there is something you might consider changing?


If you are the keen reader, and hungry for more information.

And the science behind all this information and skincare is intriguing to you.

Then read on here at the science of skincare page.


We hope you enjoyed this blog and hope we have cleared the debate for you.

There is no right or wrong or no one single rule that is correct.

Different ingredients do different things.


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