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Benefits of Coffee Bean

Coffee is an amazing wonderful benefit to skincare.


Coffee is used in so many products now days. It is in skincare for the body, the face and even hair.

It’s an amazing anti-oxidant!

Fighting free radicals is extremely detrimental to our health, we need to pump in all the antioxidants we can.

Coffee stimulates us in more ways than one. It raises alertness in our brain stimulating energy and overcoming fatigue.

It stimulates and circulates blood pumped through our body, which brings more oxygen.

This is why it is so popular in body scrubs and for stretch mark and cellulite common areas like the thighs and buttocks. The action of the pumping blood helps loosen these areas up with better blood circulation.

Coffee brings both energy and calm.

It has anti-ageing benefits.

Contains vitamin B3, this is good for fighting cancer.

Reduces inflammation.

Fights acne.

Helps reduce the dark circles under the eyes.

Caffeine is very invigorating, stimulating and soul lifting and feels truly amazing.


Sloughs away dead skin cells.


Our dark brown coffee beans origin is Ugandan.


Our coffee bean powder is Rainforest Alliance Certified.


And Fairtrade Certified.


coffee bean skincare

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