Benefits of Hibiscus

The most exciting thing we love about the hibiscus is that it is classed as one of nature’s closest ingredient to mimic botox.

And the hibiscus powder deLadonica uses here is 100% Organic!

Hibiscus super power is its ability for intense moisturising power and to retain moisture in the skin.

It’s loaded with Vitamin C making it a natural collagen injector.

And it tightens the skin.

Evens skin tone.

It is also a magnificent exfoliator.

A wrinkle blaster!

Helps with hyper pigmentation, fades dark spots and puffiness.

Hibiscus has natural AHA's which means it can gently exfoliate and brighten the skin.

Results a youthful complexion!

Helps with cellulite.

It is calming relieving anxiety and stress, helpful for better sleep or relaxation.