Benefits of Honey

Honey is an amazing healer.
It is an antioxidant and helps boost collagen production.
It has antibacterial and antiseptic abilities.
It helps oily and acne prone skin.
It helps open pores and clean them.
It’s a natural humectant which means it helps trap the moisture in your skin keeping it hydrated.
Honey is perfectly safe in fact wonderful to use daily.
Helps scars.
You Must Try This!
Especially try using raw natural organic honey with deLadonica’s Amazing Vitamin E Oil.
Simply mix a squirt of our Vitamin E Oil and a little raw organic honey in the palm of your hand and massage onto your scar and be amazed to see how quickly your scar will heal, fade and flatten. Scars older than two years old are much more challenging.
By the way Natural Raw & Organic Honey is one of our available boosters.
A little DIY for you to try at home for yourself:
Remove makeup first with deLadonica’s Perfecting Facial Cream Cleanser.
Dampen skin so the honey can draw and hold in all that moisture.
Mix some natural organic raw honey with milk or yogurt for glowing skin.
Apply to the skin.
Slice two slices of cold cucumber.
Lay down somewhere you find relaxing and tranquil.
Place the cucumber slices over your eyes and relax and just dream.
At least for twenty minutes.
Rinse off. Preferably under the shower at a temperature that suits best to the day’s climate.
Try one of our ‘boosters’ in the shower with your body wash.
Visit our ‘booster’ page to find out more.
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