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Benefits of Mango Butter

Mango Seed Butter

The Mango Butter used by deLadonica are cold pressed from mango seeds grown organically in the wild.

Mango Butter is abundant in Vitamins C and E.

These may help guard against environmental stress factors like pollution and sunlight even blue light from our modern day devices screens.

These stressor can help lead to damage and premature aging.

This extracted Mango Butter contains a high content of Omega 6 which our skin glows and thrives from.

It plays a big part in the structure of our skin helping build a strong protective barrier keeping it smooth, moisturised and elastic.

Mango Butter glides easily and evenly across the skin adding a certain luxurious element.

This adds to one of the many reasons why we love it so much in skincare.

It is a magnificent emollient that wonderfully softens, smooths and moisturises skin.

This makes it a highly regarded performance ingredient for dry skin and is non-greasy so it’s also great for oily skin and it doesn’t clog pores.

In fact it is suitable for all skin types.

It also helps heal burns, reduce scars and other skin conditions.

After careful filtration the butter is refined using organic clays and carbon to lighten colour and soften to a more pleasant odour and obtain a finished product that meets the requirements needed for cosmetic applications.

Mango Butter


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