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Benefits of deLadonica Rose & Aloe Toner


Rose and Aloe Toner

120ml e 4.05 fl.oz  

For all skin types: Mature, Teen, oily, dry or problem skin.

Solve your skin issues!

Toning is an important step in your daily beauty ritual.

Use toner after cleansing and washing your face and removing the heavier makeup, dirt, natural oil build up and grime.

Toning is the next step to remove any leftover traces and ensure a good total cleanse has occurred.

This is important Day and Night!!

It helps close the pores after they are cleansed.


If you skip this step and don't use a toner at all, this can result in left behind grease, oil, dirt, grime or make-up clogging pores. Eventually clogged pores leaves you with unclear, dull ageing skin.


If the pores can’t breathe and are clogged, health issues begin, like acne blackheads and worst of all ageing!

Toning helps renew skin’s natural pH.

DeLadonica’s Perfecting Facial Cream Cleanser will also do a brilliant job at balancing skin’s pH unclog pores and more.

No matter how brilliant your cleanser is, there is commonly still matter left behind.

This can be because we don’t tend to rub cleanser ‘in’ our eyes.

Or to protect our lovely hair do, we don’t get in real close to the hair line.

Or we are just in a hurry, there can be many different reasons.


You can visibly see how important this step is when there is evidence of this on your cotton pad.

With toner on a cleansing pad we can get right in close to the eye in all the other little crevices that we can focus on that we may have missed.

For example around the nose, the corners of the mouth, ears front and back, get closer to the hair line.

As we sleep at night natural oils build up in our skin and this needs to be cleansed away each morning ritual.

Cleanse first then Tone.


Toner also helps leave your skin a nice smooth cleaner texture or canvas for you to apply your make-up to.

It will hold foundations and powders much longer helping your make-up last the day or night long.

How is deLadonica Rose & Aloe Toner different?

Like all our products we try to bring in the best ingredients that target and focus on the purpose at hand.

Our toner will cleanse and remove make-up dirt and grime after you have cleansed.

It is anti-ageing holding back fine lines and smoothing wrinkles.

Antioxidant.  Fights Free Radicals

Hydrating - continues to draw moisture in and trap it in your skin.

Keeps pores clear

Vitamin enriched

No nasty chemicals

Palm free.

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