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Benefits of White Kaolin Clay

White Kaolin French Clay is the mildest and 100% Natural Mineral Powder.

It feels soft and silky and when wet it turns beautifully creamy.

Absolutely No Chemical Additives.

White Kaolin Clay is prized for its skin softening, soothing and toning effects.

It suits all skin types but is especially brilliant for sensitive and oily skin.

It draws out impurities, dirt and pollution aka ‘free radicals.’

It is magnificent for balancing skin sebum, preventing pores clogging therefore this makes it excellent acne prone skin.

Its other super powers detoxify, purifies and cleanses skin removing dead skin cells and calms inflamed skin.

It gives an overall bright and refreshing appearance and unifies skin tone and complexion.

It is a treasured favourite for scrubs, masks, facial powders, soaps, make-up and deodorants.

It is gentle enough to use every day, varying from person to person.

It may be capable to remove some brown or dark spots.


Kaolin Clay

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