Argan Oil Booster 15ml
Argan Oil Booster 15ml
Argan Oil Booster 15ml
Argan Oil Booster 15ml
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Argan Oil Booster 15ml

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Argan Oil


Certified Organic


Give your skin a boost with Argan Oil Booster!

Our skin needs a little attention a lot of the time - daily.
We have to find time and feed and nourish our skin if you want to look younger than your years.

Why Use A Booster?

At times our skin feels like it needs more.
This is when a ‘booster’ can be a big help!
Busy days catch up to us. Or we’ve got a little more sun or wind or environmental free radicals than we even realise.
And we haven’t eaten as well, or drank as much water as intended.
These can all have effects on our skin, body and mind.
Before we know it, we are feeling a bit tired and run down and our skin is well beyond thirsty and in need of a whole lot of loving.
Just like our body, our skin needs a boost when it’s tired and dehydrated.
Ageing is very sneaky and likes to creep up on us and jump out suddenly.
Don’t feel it’s too late for you.
A lot of wonderful natural ingredients can reverse ageing and sun damage and show the effects of turning back time IF you give it a go!
A good helping hand is this!
A hit! A shot! A boost! A reboot!
Add a dash of booster to your skincare regime.
Give your skin a much needed hit!
 Boosters help to keep your skin healthier, nourished and moisturised!
Save money on expensive spa treatments.

How To Use A Booster!

Use your personal hygiene or skincare product as you usually would.
Dispense the usual amount of your product and add a little ‘booster.’
Apply as normal.
For body wash we recommend:
Squirt body wash product on body scrunchie and start to wash.
Do a lap of your body, then add ‘Booster!’
Once you add a booster to body wash, it won’t be as bubbly.
So do a lap, get some good scrubbing to ensure a good cleanse has occurred.

Why Argan Oil?

Argan Oil is known as a super food for our skin, hair and nails
Argan Oil is full of omega fatty acids & Vitamin E our skin thrives on
Argan Oil has a high concentration of oleic, lineoic and essential fatty acids.
Regenerative  :  Restoring
Strengthening the skin cells building blocks
Repairs dry and damaged skin
Helps fight acne & blackheads.
Argan Oil regulates the sebum of skin, clearing the pores and evening skin tone.
Smoother more beautiful healthier complexion
Brightens skin tone and protect from free radicals
All of these things it does for your scalp as well.
Reduce fizziness and boost shine
Our Argan Oil in all deLadonica Products is Certified Organic.
100% Pure
No additives  :  No fillers
ACO CERT No: 12456

How To Use A Booster!

Use your skincare or personal product as you usually would.
Add a squirt or two or as much as needed depending on what you are adding it to and use as normal.
You may be surprised it won’t be as sticky as you thought if you don’t use too much at once.
Add Argan Oil Booster to deLadonica’s Amazing Hair Mask Serum for that magical boost!

Products you can add your Booster to!




Eye Products

Body Wash

Scar or Stretch Mark Products



What not to do!

Don’t tip booster into your product.
 Just add a pump or two as you use your product.


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