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Argan Oil Booster 15ml
Argan Oil Booster 15ml
Argan Oil Booster 15ml
Argan Oil Booster 15ml
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Argan Oil Booster 15ml

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Argan Oil


Certified Organic


Give skin a boost with Argan Oil Booster!

15ml  e0.50 fl.oz

100% Natural / 100% Organic

Why Use A Booster?

Boosters are a little leg up to help keep skin in the best condition possible! Almost cheating and getting a sneaky step ahead. 

Ageing does like to sneak up on us and sometimes we get so busy we haven’t hydrated enough or eaten food as well as we should here and there. This can be little set backs here and there that may reflect on our skin at times. But many factors come into play here. like the sun, wind, the environment, the seasons can also have an affect.

This is when a boost comes in to get us back on track!

Adding a dash of a booster to any skincare regime, helps do exactly that. Instead of heading off to get an expensive treatment, a booster may be all that is need.

Give skin that much needed hit!

Skincare formulas are all created by using a formula that is 100grams or mls. Only so many ingredients can fit into that 100grams. In that 100grams there may be a lot, or a little, or none of a certain ingredient. So when we add a booster adding more of something that is truly magnificent this elevates, the magnificent results after use. It almost cheating! But brilliant!


How To Use Argan Oil Booster

Choose a product to add a booster to. This could be a cleanser, scrub, moisturiser, eye product, face cream, body wash, hand wash, shampoo.

Use the product as normal, just add a little Argan Oil. Don't tip oil into the product container. This could upset the balance of the construction of the product and throw out its PH and possibly spoil it.

For body wash we recommend:

This is so super quick and easy.

Simply step in the shower add one or two squirts of Argan Oil onto shower scrunchie. Add body wash and begin washing. Done! This takes no time yet is so beneficial and skin feels nourished and hydrated afterwards. Beautiful!

Checkout the Hot Tips section on any of our exfoliators page for a fantastic home spa treatment using a booster. 



About Argan Oil

 Argan Oil is another fabulous ingredient that deLadonica loves to put into our products. It contains omega fatty acids that our skin loves and thrives on. This helps strengthen skin tissues build good strong skin cell building blocks as the structure of our skin.

Argan Oil regulates the sebum of skin, clearing the pores and evening skin tone.
Argan Oil contains antioxidants that fights free radicals. Contains Vitamin E, brightens the skin and smooths wrinkles.
Argan Oil helps combat acne, blackheads, psoriasis and rosacea.
We use Natural Organic Moroccan Argan Oil.
Moroccan Argan Oil is one of the rarest oils and only grown in specific areas of the world.
It is now under the protection of the UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization.

Argan oil is made from kernels found inside the fruit of Argan trees, which are native to Morocco. The oil is edible and is traditionally used to nourish the body inside and out. It has a nutty aroma and is rich in vitamin A and E, and monounsaturated fatty acids.

Our Argan Oil is pure and not diluted.




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