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deLadonica Mongolian Lambswool Cushion 40 x 40cm White Pop

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Luxurious deLadonica Mongolian Lambswool Cushion 40 x 40cm

Colour : Natural

Watch our short video below to see the quality and dense beauty of these stunning cushions you simply must add to your home decor.

What it is:

High quality Authentic Mongolian Lambswool one side and faux suede on the reverse. 

DeLadonica has specifically sourced and demanded the best and highest of quality and craftsmanship to bring you a product of ultimate luxury, strength and durability for your home decor.

We tested and rejected poor performance manufacturers and are able to deliver to you the very best quality in a lambswool cushion possible.

We want you to surround yourself with treasures that delight you and make you happy and that you love being with.

More Than Just a Cushion:

Discover the unique pocket on the reverse side, perfect for keeping the remote control or your mobile phone close.

Best of all, your cushion now doubles as an ipad or tablet pillow.

If your device is in a foldable case simply slide the opened case into the pocket and this holds your device tight and elevates your screen for much better viewing and use and stabilises your device better to help prevent it crashing to the floor.

What it feels like:

The wool so super soft and soothing to touch and so nice to run your fingers through. It certainly is an enriching and luxurious, pampering delight. The suede on the reverse side is velvety soft to touch making this cushion perfect for cuddling on the couch or in bed. 

More On Quality:

The wool on your cushion is very high quality, very curly, very dense, very long and gorgeously super soft to touch and odourless. Wool length is 8cm - 15cm.

Other brands can lose too many fibres and shed beyond what we call acceptable.

While this is normal to lose some fibres as this is a natural product, deLadonica has sourced how treatment can keep this to a minimum and projected this into our product.

DeLadonica has insisted on particular construction details in the making and craftsmanship of the cushion to bring quality all the way through the final product.

When will you enjoy your cushion:

Useable all year round, wool is warm to cuddle in winter and cool when it’s summer. Wool is a natural insulator trapping air in between the fibres regulating temperature so it is not hot as many people think.

Cushion Insert:

A soft white quality environmentally friendly cushion insert is included in your purchase, and will be inside your beautiful cushion when you receive it.

Our cushion inserts are 100% recycled PET fibre made from recycled water bottles, which looks and feels like a polyester cushion insert but is stronger.

Visit our page that tells you more about the cushion insert in your Mongolian Lambswool Cushion.

Insert also has its own zipper so you can take out or add more filling to suit.

Free Gifts:

Every deLadonica Mongolian Lambswool cushion comes with a deLadonica embroider pamper towelette. Your pamper towelette is a luxurious 75 x 35cm plush 5 star hotel quality towelette for you to use.

You also receive a deLadonica Enviro bag for your shopping & storage needs.

Perfectly suited for the deluxe Goddess ... you.

Cushion Care:

When you first receive your beautiful Mongolian Lambswool Cushion, remove it from its protective plastic sealed bag, take it outside and shake it to fluff it up and shake out any loose fibres. No need to be gentle they are quite strong. Watch your gorgeous cushion come to life with a plume of long beautiful curly soft fibres you just can't stop touching.

Wiping your lambswool cushion with a quality baby wipe will keep your cushion clean and remove most spots and marks. You can do this on both sides of your lambswool cushion and keep it fresh and beautiful for years to come.

Do not brush the wool. Do not wash in your washing machine.

Dry Cleaning is best for your Lambswool Cushion. 

Do not rub or scrub harshly through the wool, simply gently wipe slowly through the wool and same application for the suede side..

Every now and then take your cushion outside and simply give a few shakes. Done!

Click ‘Add to Cart’ now at the top of the page to purchase your very own deLadonica Mongolian Lambswool Cushion fit for the God or Goddess.

Please choose carefully as delivery & transportation fees for changing your mind on choice of product for colour, design or pattern will be at a cost to yourself.


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